Total Back Office

Eurorevision provides comprehensive outsourced Total back office services for all setups and start-up in Spain. It helps in reducing your office expenses.

General:- In addition to basic administrative functions, we offer

  • Fiscal address
  • Nominal Shareholder
  • Director or secretary of the board
  • Perform administrative functions (billing, banking, etc.)
  • External auditors attend
  • Attend to tax inspection


  • Accounting
  • Presentation of taxes
  • Preparation of annual accounts and management
  • Adaptation of Spanish accounts consolidates your template.
  • Keeping the necessary records.


  • Registration of companies in Social Security. High, Bajo, accidents and changes in data.
  • Payroll processing and calculation of contribution slips; Social Security.
  • Advice on getting the benefits of contracts, renewals, and bonus.
  • Drafting and execution of labor contracts
  • Preparation of tax returns, including returns of non-residents and issuance of certificates of withholding workers
  • Disciplinary proceedings, letters of reprimand and punishment
  • Preparation slips, settlement.
  • Support acts of conciliation, courts of social and labor inspectorates
  • Advice and support on workplace audits
  • Preparation of financial statements for summaries, wage costs and social security.
  • Preparation and presentation of annual tax and annual certificates for staff.

With Eurorevision Total Back Office services, You can grow your company confidently in the knowledge that business is taken care of behind the scenes.