Trust is at the basis of all our services. This trust is based on four principal tenets that form the essence of the firm: knowledge, experience, commitment and dedication.

As auditors, we are required to give the maximum reliability to financial information prepared by you. Our work ensures that clients, shareholders, investors or lenders can be confident that we will provide an independent and reliable service of the highest quality. Our customers can be confident that during the course of our work, we will help them identify risks and areas for improvement.

For a company to move forward, not just their managers must believe in the project. It is necessary that many other people have the same element of trust. Investors, shareholders, banks, suppliers, customers, employees, supervisors, and other market players need thrird party assurances that the financial information provided by the managers is reliable and trustworthy.

The principal services offered by our Audit Division include:


Financial Statements – individual and / or Consolidated

Financial statements of nonprofit making organizations

Other financial statements - balance sheets for mergers and acquisitions.


Agreed upon procedures for reviewing accounting and financial information, limited reviews, due diligence and specific research

Reviews of accounting and financial reporting processes for purchase sale operations

Special audit reports

Reports on liquidity and solvency

Grants and subventions

Review of specific packaging and environmental reports – ECOEMBES

Special report for the Petroleum and Hydrocarbon industry - CORES, CNE y MITYC