Being one of the most complex legislations in Spain, payroll management in English is probably the key operational aspect of every business. It involves the precise execution and maintenance of employees' salaries, wages and deductions, contracts, Social Security obligations, etc.

EUROREVISION provides professional and reliable payroll management solutions that ensure complete legal compliance. Total compliance with the complex labor legislation is no easy task and, in order to avoid the various penalties which the company could incur, it is imperative to contract reliable and trustworthy services.

Principal services offered:

  • Registering the company with the Social Security
  • Preparation of the monthly payroll and the Social Security deductions
  • Preparing and registering employment contracts
  • Advice at the time of contracting, renewing contracts and grants which are available
  • Calculation of termination indemnities and compliance with legal formalities
  • Assistance at the time of labor inspections and at the labor tribunals and courts
  • Advice and support during payroll audits
  • Coordination with trade unions
  • Preparing the accounting summaries of labor and Social Security costs
  • Preparation of appeals against sanctions and penalty demands
  • Preparation of tax declarations, including foreign employees, and issuing the annual tax certificates