Who we are

EUROREVISION is a company dedicated to offering a broad range of financial services to help promote better financial management and value for money. Our services include financial advisory, payroll management, accounting, auditing, business administration and principally all related financial services in Spain.

EUROREVISION is registered in the Official Register of Auditors (ROAC) and we are members of the Institute of Auditors in Spain. EUROREVISION as a European group of professionals was formed in the early 70s. With a view to expand our interests beyond the shores of Europe, we merged with IGAL (Intercontinental Grouping of Accountants and Lawyers). We are happy to announce that IGAL currently has more than a 100 member companies located in 45 countries with more than 170 offices worldwide.

At EUROREVISION you will always have total access to all partners and staff at all times. Our professional staff turnover is negligible and the average seniority is 12.6 years. As we work closely with you, over time, we become part of your organization with the same level of involvement in your growth and success.

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